Our Bar is Managed by the wonderful Boston & Co, whom have years of experience in fast, efficient service and mixing artisan cocktails which match the venues vibrancy and creativity. As well as our core drinks menu (which is illustrated below) we are also able to offer bespoke cocktails and other drink alternatives.

As well as our evening bar we can offer arrival drinks & table wine.

Evening Drinks Menu


Our bar is flexible around your monetary needs, here are a few options of how the bar could function on your special day: 

Guests Pay For Themselves

All drinks are pre paid by the the host at £25 a head. This is based on 5 drinks per person. 

The Host pre pays for a selection of drinks for their guests via drinks tokens. 


Does the bar take card? +

Yes, we take all cards and apple pay.

What time do you stop serving? +

The evening bar service starts at 6pm and we are licensed to serve up until 12 Midnight (Saturdays) & 11pm (Monday - Friday)

Can the bar open earlier? +

Absolutely, there is an optional extra for the bar to open from 3pm.

Is the bar inside or outside? +

Our main bar is inside, we do however have an optional extra for an outside bar during the summer months.

Can we choose our drinks? +

We have a well-stocked bar that from experience caters for most tastes, however, if you would like to discuss alternatives, your wish is our command.

Do you make cocktails? +

We have 4/5 cocktails on our menu and you are welcome to choose a special cocktail for our board.

Can we prepay for some of our guest's drinks? +

Absolutely, we have drinks vouchers which can be prepaid for and distributed to your guests in any way you like.

Can the bar open later? +

We have a limited amount of temporary event notices we can use throughout the year to accommodate later bar openings.