The Tudor Barn is one of the most sustainable examples of a wedding venue in Suffolk, perhaps the whole of East Anglia.

Built using reclaimed materials from less significant derelict outbuildings on our grounds, which had long since fallen into disuse.

Under-floor heating throughout which is served by our onsite Bio-Mass Boiler. The boiler runs on woodchip, partially served by our sustainable planting with any excess we need coming from a similarly sustainable source in Rendlesham, Suffolk.

Corkboard insulation and ‘wood wool’ render boards. When it came to insulating the floor, we chose recycled reclaimed glass, which was foamed and then laid beneath our under-floor heating.

The Tudor Barn also features a state of the art heat recovery system, which not only recycles warm air but also keeps guests comfortable with the constant supply and circulation of fresh air. To keep energy consumption to a minimum the venue is lit solely with LED lighting.



The Tudor Barn Belstead is located in seven acres of beautifully kept, open wooded grounds in the village of Belstead, Suffolk close to the Essex border.

Our History

Originally built at the close of the 16th Century. Throughout the 1600s, the barn served as a riding stable, carthorse stable and granary. Over the years it has seen many uses, but in 2014 we decided that such a beautiful building should have a more befitting function.

Therefore, work began to immaculately restore the Tudor Barn – seamlessly blending the old and the new – to create an extraordinary venue.